Apart (Short Film)

D.R.E.W. project (Rookies Submission)

Who the heck is Billy Blue? (Vivid 2022 Light Show)

Tutorials for Learning

CUDA Programming (Hex)

OpenVDB Toolkit

Self-Directed Learning Projects

Hex Game (Qt, C++, Python, OpenGL)

Zheng Yi Sao- Pirate Queen

Mardini Contest 2021 (Iron Heart Winner)

Raw Wing Chun Promotional Video

Mirvac Client Live Brief

Compositing Tasks for Billy Blue College of Design course

Animation and Model: Gun Fight

Animated Short: Robot's Warmth

The Adventures of Captain W

Model, Rig, Animation: Siren

Short VFX Sequence: Scary House

Animated Short: Meta

Abraham Lincoln Bust

Environment Model: Krispy Kreme Store

Short Film: All Fleshed Out

Social Network Mobile App

Experiments in Blender

MacOS Game: Shooty Space

GrocerDrone: Idea for Entrepreneurship