Hex Game

Title: Hex Game
Software: Qt, OpenGL, Direct3D, Python, C++
Year created: 2021
Category: Game
Brief: Build and demonstrate skills in graphics programming

I wanted to demonstrate my skills in graphics programming, so I created this game which is an implementation of the classic Hex game. I used OpenGL for Linux and Mac, and Direct3D for Windows. For the server in which the multiplayer component is based, I used Django, using both regular HTTPS connection as well as websockets (Django Channels). The server was written in Python, while the client was written in C++. I used a number of software libraries in C++, such as Bullet, Boost, Assimp and Curl. I used multi-threading (Qthreads) to implement a worker for the AI, which is a Monte Carlo simulation. For the GUI I used Qt, and for optimisation and memory leak detection, I used Valgrind, Vtune and Instruments.

I made the game available for download here: https://github.com/loksangho/HexGame/releases/tag/1.1